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ventanas de madera
Introducing the Iscletec's new project,
A magnificent farmhouse in the heart of Girona, which has been reformed respecting the original materials,
and updating the closings with a beautiful windows and balconies of pine's wood
Iscletec68, painted with green color Ral7030.
ventanas de madera
The main entrance door, designed and customized,
invite you to enter under a top arch accompanied of two fixed crystals.
ventanas de madera
The windows, all of them tilt-wing, have been made by high thermal presentations crystals
with let the beautiful natural light
entry and protecting the interior of the home the thermal contrasts.
ventanas de madera
A great project, which places Iscletec as a clear reference
for design and customized made for hight quality windows and balconies.
ventanas de madera ventanas de madera
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