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Discover the new Iscletec project
noticia iscletec destacadaAn exclusive Hotel & Boutique
located in the seaside town of Arenys de Mar,
where we have designed and manufactured with the architect and the final client
beautiful wooden windows
and stunning balcony doors
with customized forms in different facades.

Discover with us this wonderful project,
and follow all the news our wood windows
and wooden balconies in Living Iscletec.

Compartir: 01/07/2016
Iscletec presenta los nuevos modelos de Herrajes Especiales
noticia iscletec destacadaCon la incorporación de estos nuevos herrajes de última generación,
Iscletec aporta todavía más prestaciones en sus ventanas y balconeras de madera,
referentes en estanqueidad acústica y térmica, bienestar, diseño y elegancia.

Herrajes especiales para condiciones en frente del mar.
Anti-corrosivos y de máxima durabilidad.

Herrajes especiales para personas con movilidad reducida
y mayor edad, o simplemente que necesiten una ventana con una mayor
facilidad de apertura y movilidad, sin utilizar la fuerza habitual.

Herrajes para una ventanas de gran formato, hasta 2,80 m de altura y 1,80 m de anchura.

Herraje para ventanas doble oscilo-batiente, un sistema pionero que permite la apertura de las dos hojas a la vez de la ventana,
en una sola hoja oscilo-batiente.

Descubre los nuevos herrajes
que permiten diseñar a Iscletec
ventanas sin límites.


Compartir: 09/06/2016
Hotel&boutique, muy pronto te presentaremos nuestro último proyecto
noticia iscletec destacada
Queremos avanzarte una pequeña selección de fotos de nuestro último proyecto.
La excelencia de un magnifíco Hotel&Boutique situado en la población marinera de Arenys de Mar,
donde hemos diseñado y fabricado de la mano del arquitecto y cliente final, unas preciosas
ventanas de madera y unas impresionantes balconeras con formas personalizadas en diferentes fachadas.

Descubre las primeras fotos, y comparte la excelencia del nuevo hotel y de nuestro trabajo realizado.

Compartir: 19/05/2016
Iscletec recommends the Kit of Maintenance Sikkens
noticia iscletec destacada

Just like your skin, but only twice per year,
the wood, as a natural element,
need a minimum maintenance during the year,
with the Maintenance Kit Sikkens (Special Cleaner + Protective Emulsion),
it will ensure that the outdoor wood windows are protected
and extend the life of varnish applicated a minimum of 2 years.

The Maintenance Kit Sikkens it´s simple and easy to use,
does not need previous treatments, masks or other protective elements,
and its application is quick with an immediate result.

Visit our page Kit Sikkens of Maintenance, and buy online.

Compartir: 02/05/2016
Know our campaign We dress Barcelona
noticia iscletec destacadaBecause we like Barcelona and because we design and make any type of windows and balconies with accurate style for our city with the maximum acoustic and thermic protection.

Districts as L’Eixample, Sarrià – Sant Gervasi and Gràcia are dressed up without noise and without cold, thanks to the most advance technologies that Iscletec use for the production of their Windows, balconies and booklet gates of natural wood, with the best glazed and hardware signed by the main international brands.

From our workshop with extensive work in every process and detail... to your home or office. Live without noise and cold, but with style and comfort, just depend of you..

Visit our page We dress Barcelona and follow us on our social networks through LivingIscletec.

Compartir: 21/04/2016
Special edition - Unique Shapes
noticia iscletec destacada

All our work is unique and personalized,
from design and manufacture of the window, to the choice of wood, paint and finish.

But still, there are some jobs that stand out for their unique special forms,
or the integration of the window with the gates.

All these works have been great challenges, thanks to the requests of our customers,
we have been forced to strive even more, to get these projects that we show with pride.


You can see some of our projects below:
Interior patios, a play of light
Organic wood windows
Fuga de luz Natural A burst of natural light
A house in Maresme

Compartir: 04/04/2016
INTERIOR PATIOS: Discover how Isceltec can light up your home.
noticia iscletec destacadaIn this project Iscletec present their usual windows made of Iscletec wood 68, designing and making several bespoke windows out of pine, as well as doors and the main entrance.

But what really stands out in this project, is the magnificent indoor patio, bringing light flooding into the whole interior, the heart of this beautiful family home located in Valencia.

See our latest project.

Compartir: 15/03/2016
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