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Iscletec launches the campaign “Enjoying the silence in Barcelona”
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Wood windows by this prestigious Catalan brand provide maximum soundproofing

Wooden windows brand Iscletec, with more than 30 year experience, launches the campaign “Enjoying the silence in Barcelona”, within its marking plan “We dress Barcelona”.

According to Iscletec manager Gonzalo Fernández, “the campaign claim seems to be a nonsense, because Barcelona is one of the noisiest cities in Spain. Street works, a taxi claxon, an ambulance siren, the cocktail bar noise downstairs… But enjoying the silence in Barcelona is possible with Iscletec, it’s up to you”.

Wood windows by Iscletec provide maximum acoustic protection. This familiar company proposes Iscletec 68 and Iscletec 78 models, laminated wood or mixed aluminium-wood windows with prestigious fittings Maco and single or double camera glass Climalit Silence. These crystals can also integrate into its composition a laminated safety glass, SGG StadipSilence.

In addition to the acoustic protection, Iscletec enclosures offer maximum thermal sealing, allowing considerable savings on the heating bill. Wood windows and doors Iscletec ensure maximum comfort and well-being at home or in the office, with style and customizing every detail you want, in the tradition of Barcelona's buildings.

This action is part of the #VestimosBarcelona campaign (We dress Barcelona), which Iscletec has launched with advantageous financing conditions with Banco Popular to renovate the windows of Barcelona.

The results of the R+D work Iscletec has made on acoustic and thermal insulation are shown in the video of the campaign "Enjoying the silence in Barcelona":

Watch the video “Disfrutar del silencio de la ciudad, depende de ti”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KE7CKKd4tAo

More information: Iscletec: T. +34 93 794 62 02 iscletec@iscletec.com

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Realitzada la primera fase d'implantació de la PLATAFORMA (e)co
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S'ha treballat molt dur per arribar fins a aquest dia, però ens encanta poder comunicar a tots els nostres clients i seguidors, que la primera fase del prototip de la Plataforma (e)co ja està finalitzada!

En aquest article, us adjuntem la nota de premsa on es detallen totes les fases que s'han anat consolidant des de que va acabar l'experiència Solar Decathlon 2012.

La segona fase: CONSOLIDACIÓ.

Us mantindrem informats de tot, fins que arribi la jornada d'inauguració que es celebrarà al barri de Les Planes de Sant Cugat del Vallés.

Fins llavors, podeu descarregar-vos aquí la nota de premsa, i podeu seguir més d'aprop tot el projecte des d'aquest enllaç: https://pasapasplataforma.wordpress.com/lupc/

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noticia iscletec destacadaAra és el moment!
Sol·liciti ja la seva cita amb el nostre tècnic i deixi que vestim la seva llar amb
el màxim confort,
estanqueïtat tèrmica i acústica,
benestar i estil.

Gràcies a l'acord que Iscletec ha arribat amb el Banc Popular, aquest any sí!
No ho dubtis i informa't ara i gaudeix ja de les millors finestres de fusta del mercat.

Import màxim de finançament 12.000€ (iva inclòs).
Màxim 12 mesos sense interessos
Només particulars
Comissió d'obertura 2%, pagament únic en tot el finançament.
Entitat: Banc Popular

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Chapter 3: Wood windows: Design - Quality - Compromise
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From Iscletec we want to introduce the new chapter from the Wood Windows with Denomination Origin series.

In this chapter 3 we would to show you our day by day from the first contact with the client, the measures, the customization of the Windows, the material election…the whole process until the final set.

We show you every step of the process that Iscletec develop in order to obtain Windows, balconies, doors, gates… and get with this manner a perfect result.

Our objective, make the client feels more than satisfied with Iscletec products.

Don’t miss the chapter and discover the thorough of the Iscletec’s work.

¡Ups! And don't forget to download the chapter's draw for the children of the house, enjoy painting a better world.


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Compartir: 04/09/2015
We follow with more chapters: Wood with D.O
noticia iscletec destacadaAfter this summer August, from Iscletec we come back with the presentation of the new chapters of Wood with Denomination of Origin.

5 chapters where we show all the manufacturing process, from the forests to the windows colocation.

After to present 2 of 5 chapters, with its names The Origin and The Proces, we're preparing the 3 following chapters with their own draws to download. With actions like this, we contribute with the imagine and awareness of the children because together we paint a better world.

Follow us on our social networks: FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest and don't miss any launch of every chapter.

Read here Chapters 1 and 2.

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Chapter 2: The process, 100% sustainable
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We have it here!

From Iscletec we present the second chapter of the five that we have promised you. Under the title: The process: 100% sustainable, we want to show you the task of our principal supplier of wood, Madegesa, from the managed forests. The curious system Finger Joint for the utilization of all the wood, the selection of every piece, its manufacturing process...

A meticulous method of selection and manufacture of 100% sustainable wood.

In addition, this chapter, the children of the house also will enjoy this second chapter, thanks to the illustrations that we have prepared in order that together #pitamosunmundomejor

Discover it here:


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Chapter 1: Montseny, the origin
noticia iscletec destacadaFrom Iscletec we want to open you the doors of our facilities to show you all our manufacturing process:
The origin and selection of the best wood, its posterior treatment, design, manufacture, customization and finally, its corresponding final placement.
An exhaustive process in which we take conscience of the environment, in every moment as well as the guarantee in the conservation of the nature.

It's time to show you our first chapter, our KM0 of the 5 that we you will present.In addition, in each of them,  we have elaborated an illustration in order to share with the children the moment *pitamosunmundomejor .


Discover yourself the origin of our process from Montseny - Les Guilleries

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