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We want to open our facilities doors
to show all our manufactured process:

From the origin and best wood selection, to posterior threatment,
design, manufacturation, costumer and it´s final colocation.

An exhaustive process
were we aware of environtment,
such as the guarantee of the nature conservation.

For this reason, and the most important reason,
is the wood that we use, already it´s pine, chestnut-tree or other woods,
that origin from certificated forests.
Faithful to our responsability, sostainability, and environtment values
and for that a better world for new generations.

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Wood Windows Designation Origin.

Montseny and Guilleries massif,
universal heritage and biosphere reservation,
Mediterranean and Central European landscapes mosaic with its rich flora and fauna,
is where born the forests of chestnut-tree, managed with the stamp of forest sustainable quality PEFC,
for its posterior use for manufacture of wood windows and balconies of Iscletec.

The weather conditions of the Mediterranean and, especially Montseny - Guilleries,
makes that the chestnut-tree, it turns the unique wood with excellent qualities.
The chestnut-tree wood offers noble virtues such as its resistance
The chestnut-tree wood offers noble virtues such as its resistance

but overcoat enriches us to work with a beauty wood born in a few kilometres of our facilities.

Iscletec promotes the sustainable management
thanks to these certified forests of chestnut-tree,
obtaining an environmental balance of the same ones.
A controlled felling that contributes a regeneration of the autochthonous flora,
a major quality of oxygen and a fauna proliferation.

Discover our 5 chapters Wood Windows Designation Origin
that we’ve prepared for this summer

Download the Pdf with the draw of our chapter number 2,
because together, paint for a more ecologic and sustainable world.

Madegesa, our supplier of laminated wood of chestnut-tree,
works from the base of the sustainability and commitment with the environment.
The company specialized in the cut and integral treatment of the wood,
was founded in 1943 and turned to a few years of activity,
in a national referent thanks to the system Finger Joint.

Pioneers in the Finger-Joint system

The profile Finger Joint consists in a system of union pieces of massive wood
to come to the necessary length.

The laminated profiles of massive wood
consist of three caps of wood stuck from one another,
creating a stable and compact block with the clean exterior and perfect for exterior use.
The use of this specific machinery
allows to obtain a solid and compact union, which guarantees a major stability,
as well as the maximum utilization of the wood, eliminated faults like knots, cracks or spots.



Stability: this system eliminates the intrinsic tensions, avoiding curvatures and variations.
Maximum utilization of the wood: avoiding the waste and wastages of the traditional system.
Reduction and reliability its costs, thanks to the mechanization and process of the piece.
Use for exterior (D4 Norm EN-204)
Cleans of faults
Brushed at 4 parts

The manufacturing process

Madegesa centres its manufacturing process on three key points,
to obtain an excellent result, which guarantees its stamp of high quality:

Every table is cut and selects under a few strict criteria of quality.

The dried one is the key to obtain an optical final result.
Thanks to the elegant process of dried and stabilization
obtains a very low final dampness, between 8-10 %.

A process realized always with machinery of last generation,
to obtain this way, the best results.

100% sustainable process

The privileged situation of Madegesa,
in the nice population of Santa Coloma de Farners, inside natural area of the Montseny - Guilleries,

allows to be supplied of a great extension of forests managed
for the treatment of the wood, with the minimal energetic expense.


Managed forests that assure the health and long-term productivity of the wood.
A process that preserves the biodiversity and the environmental values
for the conservation of the earth, the regulation of the hydrological cycles, the richness landscape,
the climatic stabilization and fixation of CO2.
In addition, it contributed to the fight against the climate change,
due to the capacity of the forests certified to act as sinks of carbon.

A management responsible for the natural area of the Montseny - Guilleries
that guarantees the maintenance and improvement of the soils,
the water, the biodiversity, the productive functions, the vitality and the durability of the forests as sinks of CO2,
as well as the social and economic local functions
for a suitable rural development and of its populations.

Download the Pdf with the draw of our chapter number 2,
because together, paint for a more ecologic and sustainable world.

In this chapter,
We introduce our day after day,
The nearby deal with the clients, the meticulous work together with architects and interiorists,
the capture of measures, the proposals for the formats and the possibility of closings,
the evolution of the design, proposals, renders and final definition
of the windows and balconies of wood with the client, the architect or the interiorists.

The start up,
The leaved wood reception from Madegesa,
the manufacture of wooden windows with selected formats,
our models 68, 78 or 92
using the latest technology.

The choice of the specific color for the client,
with varnishes that respect the natural wood grain.

Fabricación Iscletec Fabricación Iscletec Fabricación Iscletec

The colocation of the glasses
by the most important international brands.
With different setups to ensure maximum
acoustic and thermal sealing as well as security.

The final process with modern Maco
hardwares that allows large openings in windows format
(up to 1.80 m wide and 2.80 high)
and closing with double tilt and turn,
presented with the last two market developments.

Fabricación Iscletec Fabricación Iscletec Fabricación Iscletec

And finally,
the final delivery.

The illusion of sharing with our clients
satisfaction of your home, the certainty to chose
our windows, the testimony of all that
enjoy a wood windows and balconies
that complete their aesthetic needs, thermal, acoustic and security,
with the guarantee of our after sales service.

Discover our projects,
and share with us the testimony of GalleryIscletec
The satisfaction of our customers
in social networks.

Join us #juntospintamosunmundomejor campaign,
downloading this chapter and painting it with the children of the house,
because together we create more sustainable and ecological future.

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