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ventanas de madera
Iscletec and the RESSÒ Project (introduced by the UPC and ETSAV) were proclaimed winners of the first award in Architecture and third award in Urbanism in the current edition of the International Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 competition, which gathers a score of architecture students of different universities of the world.
ventanas de madera
Iscletec, true to its commitment to the environment and always staking for a more sustainable and efficient future, has actively participated in the RESSÒ Project, giving its model 78 windows and its natural wood doors to this great project.

During the Solar Decathlon Europe 2014, each team has to build a prototype of a self-sufficientenergy home (previously designed), adaptable to everyday life and which only works with solar energy.

The RESSÒ project introduced a 110-sqm-space set by a central area of 81-sqm and a perimeter strip ‘L’- shaped of 30-sqm. The prototype uses a collective infrastructure and also, works with solar energy and incorporates the necessary technologies that enable maximum energy efficiency.

The Project focuses on a community energy strategy rehabilitation, which aims to solve the weaknesses of a particular urban areafocused on a social and energetic level, always based on the sustainability principles.

The prototype searches its urban implementation and therefore, after its presentation in Solar Decathlon Europe 2014, in which it received first Architecture award and third award in Urbanism, will be definitely set up in the SantMuçneighbourhood of Rubí for all the people interested in seeing the project implemented in everyday life.

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model 78 iscletec
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