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ventanas de madera
Iscletec, already present with several projects in the Pyrenees, consolidates your closings of wood for high mountains, thanks to the maximum thermal and insulating services. Iscletec’s windows wood are ideal for the hard and changeable conditions that suffer these latitudes, with temperatures on the summer stations that overcome them 30ºC until the winter cold nights with 15 and 20ºC negatives, also the durability in your glazes and dyes that support UVs beams that are more aggressive in these levels.
Iscletec discovers your last project with the design and manufacture of all the windows and wooden gates in thisbeautiful house placed in the CerdañaFrancesavalley and in the doors of the emblematic Puigmal (2.913m).
Far from what it is possible to believe, the model chosen for these demanding conditions has been Iscletec68, the first model who offers in your catalogue Iscletec, since it is this first model, slightly more economic than others, guarantees the maximum permanence and maximum seal in the housing.
From Iscletec we are very grateful for the confidence that there has offered us the owner of this magnificent housing, wishing them to enjoy this incomparable place.
ventanas de madera


Window of laminated wood, width 68 mm.

Frame of laminated wood , widths from 90 a 115 mm.

Double glazed pane, with widths from 24 to 30 mm.
Signed by the brand Climalit (SGG) and with different assembly options: security pane PS, Planitherm panes with maximum thermal performance, Panes Silence with higher acoustic performance.

High quality hardware from the prestigious firms of Roto Frank and GU.

Maximum seal: Triple rubber seal (two for sealing and 1 for soundproofing)

Secure closing system : several anchor points with WK1, WK2 and WK3 hardware, both horizontal and vertical.

Beading: with two kinds of finishes: Lineal or Ornamental.

180º window opening

Option window tilt and turn.

ventanas de madera
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