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ventanas de madera
We present you with our latest project, a wonderful house located in the pleasant and sunny Maresme region.

The project of this house was conceived with a multidisciplinary approach from the start and with our involvement from day one. We collaborated closely with the architects and designers in charge of the construction, drawing the first plans, ideas, sketches of the apertures, etc. All was done with the view of making the most of the solar light that this beautiful area, where the house is located offers, and ensuring the energy efficiency of all selected materials amongst them our natural wooden windows which play a key role.

Comprehensive project

This is a modern open house, with large apertures that allow for natural light whilst keeping the spirit of a Mediterranean home, with noble and traditional materials, such as the paving made of Catalan limestone, the dry stone wall, the natural wood, etc.

The single story house has been designed so that the communal areas do not mark the indoor and outdoor life: The large apertures of the living room and dinning room with a set of 4 sliding doors over 2.5m high and over 15m long in total make the interior and exterior areas fuse together, keeping the intimate feeling of each room and opening them up to form one sole unit with great personality.
sliding wood windows

The dinning room with an American kitchen, located at one end of the house, has an autumn feeling when the large windows are closed letting the sunlight through. At the same time, it turns into a wide summer area when all the sliding windows disappear between the double pillars, as an invitation to enjoy the garden and transforming the dinning room into a beautiful open porch.

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Wooden windows, shutters, doors and sliding doors


The choice of this type of wood is motivated by its keeping a perfect balance of a noble wood but at an affordable price, far from more expensive woods such as the tropical types: teka, iroko, etc.

wood shutter
The varnishes used are, as usual, odourless and of easy maintenance, 100% water solid and ecological. These are cutting-edge products that allow the wood to breathe and conserving the texture and natural grain of the wood. They are highly weather-resistant with complete UV protection thus preventing the cracks that occur with synthetic varnishes. All the woods used by Iscletec come from managed and controlled woodlands under the environmental and sustainable criteria in compliance with the CE certificate of guarantee.

Windows and sliding windows

Window of laminated wood, width 92mm.
Laminated wooden frame, width 115mm.
Oscillating-swinging windows with a 180º aperture
Planitherm double glazed glass with the highest thermal performance:
- PS Security exterior glass
- Climalit SGG interior glass
High quality iron fittings:
- For windows, of Roto Frank brand
- For sliding windows, of G.U brand
Maximum sealing: rubber gaskets (2 for sealing and 1 for sound proofing)
Airtight locking: multi-point vertical and horizontal anchorage
Lineal reed finishing
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ventanas de madera 1
ventanas de madera 1
ventanas de madera 1
ventanas de madera 1

Shutters and main entrance door

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Keeping a Mediterranean line, we designed a large wooden door crowned by a fixed glass window. This and the dry stone wall, make an attractive, sober, modern and elegant sight.
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ventanas de madera 3
We designed a wooden door that followed the line of the shutters in the whole house, but with the peculiarity of making shutters inside a frame with an independent wooden window. This offers the possibility to open the window whilst keeping the shutter close, allowing for breeze to flow through the corridor as the house's central feature.
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In order to create an air flow inside but keeping a global design at the same time, we designed the corridor door resembling an outdoor shutter, white lacquered to keep the aesthetics of the house interior and giving this feature an independent prominent role that adds to the personality of the building.
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The shutters were designed to fit following the client's instructions with contemporary and solid lines that allow for the flow of natural light.

The shutters were designed so that the house could have the wooden windows open and the shutters closed to feel the nice Mediterranean breeze without putting the general security of the house at risk. This is thanks to the iron fittings and closure systems used. At the same time, if one chooses not to have the windows completely open, our system offers the oscillating-swinging function.
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