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Ventanas de madera Iscletec

A family firm with more than 30 years' experience in the industry, over the years it has gradually evolved and, thanks to its hard work, investment and team of workers, has today become one of the most important producers of wooden windows and doors in Spain.

Iscletec has an extensive collection of windows made from laminated wood and mixed materials (wood and aluminium), with benchmark formats throughout Europe, offering the utmost guarantee in energy efficiency and savings, meeting the most demanding needs of countries with extreme climates or countries with a wide fluctuations between summer and winter temperatures, as in Spain.

All Iscletec products have been tested in certified, notified laboratories endorsed by ENAC accreditation, complying with all EU quality requirements and its commitment to the environment. BELIEVE IN A BETTER WORLD

We want to open our facilities doors
to show all our manufactured process:

From the origin and best wood selection, to posterior threatment,
design, manufacturation, costumer and it´s final colocation.

An exhaustive process
were we aware of environtment,
such as the guarantee of the nature conservation.

For this reason, and the most important reason,
is the wood that we use, already it´s pine, chestnut-tree or other woods,
that origin from certificated forests.
Faithful to our responsability, sostainability, and environtment values
and for that a better world for new generations.

Discover our chapters
Wood Windows Designation Origin.

Ventanas de madera Iscletec Ventanas de madera Iscletec Ventanas de madera Iscletec Ventanas de madera Iscletec #pintamosunmundomejor
Ventanas de madera Iscletec
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Ventanas de madera Iscletec
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Ventanas de madera Iscletec
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Discover new formats references in Europe with our three window models:




Iscletec achieves maximum energy savings, thanks to the design and quality materials that make up the window.



Roto Frank hardware and GU assure tight and secure enclosure with the possibility of using PS crystals, resulting in one of the safest Windows Marketplace.



All wood used to manufacture our wooden windows and doors comes from managed sustainable criteria and environmental protection forests.


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15/12 Iscletec os desea Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo.

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13/12 ESPECIAL #VestimosBarcelona

En Iscletec trabajamos exigentemente con cada proyecto para respetar al máximo los deseos del cliente y el valor intrínseco del edificio y de su entorno. Para todas nuestras intervenciones en...
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