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Exterior doors are made to ensure greater security, combining a thicker material and building techniques that guarantee the door functions properly, is highly resistant and hardwearing.

The triple rubber seal ensures the entrance is waterproof, as well as providing heat and sound insulation from the exterior.
Iscletec doors are custom made for the end user.


Odourless and easy to maintain, we only use 100% water-based solid varnishes, ecological and state of the art, allowing the wood to breath and respecting its natural texture and grain.
Highly weatherproof and with protection against ultraviolet light, avoiding the cracking of synthetic varnishes.
We have a wide range of tones and the unique possibility of making your own bespoke colours.


wood doors
wood doors 2
wood doors 3


PineVentanas de madera pino
NiangonVentanas de madera niagon
EucalyptusVentanas de madera eucalipto
IrokoVentanas de madera iroko
ChestnutVentanas de madera castaño
Asian TeakVentanas de madera teka
CedarVentanas de madera cedro
AfromosiaVentanas de madera afromosia
DoussieVentanas de madera doussie


Colores ventanas de madera

The whole RAL colour range is available, achieving a smooth, unstructured and highly resistant surface (covering the wood's own grain).
Ventanas de madera Iscletec